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20 July 1975
Tel-Aviv, Israel
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Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music - Ramat Hasharon Center district / Mehoz HaMerkaz IL
School №6 "N.V. Gogol" - Bălţi Bălţi MD (1982 - 1992)
Bar Ilan University - Ramat Gan Tel Aviv district / Mehoz Tel-Aviv IL (1992 - 1998)
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acid jazz, alcoholic beverages in general, ambient, avant-garde, big-beat, black music, books, breakbeat, calvados, clicks-n-cuts, club trance, cocktails, cognac, composing music, computational linguistics, concerts, cynicism, dancing, dating, dj, drum-n-bass, dub, experimental, fashion, flying in the dreams, fuzzy logic, girlz, glitch, going out, grammar induction, grammar inference, groove, guitar, idm, jazz, jungle, kidding, kissing, mastering, meditation, minimal, minimal techno, mixing, mp3s, music, nepal, noise, non-deterministic neural networks, parties, performing, pierced feemale bellybuttons, play, private parties, producing music, progress of society, psychology, rave, real life, rhythm-n-blues, rollerblades, romance, russian rock, self-improvement, sing, slalom, soul, spicy food, surrealism, swing eights, theater, tibet, traveling, trendy gadgets, trip-hop, unsupervised learning, updating my interests, urban rolling, vj, wine, , ♪ ♬
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Квадратуры членских треугольников перманентно воздействуют на голосейсмические взрывы спермоплазмы.

Very energetic, persistent yet romantic person. Catalyst among people with various social statuses (from punks to academic professors). Reside in a continuous quest of inspiration (both in the outer look as well as in the inner spirit): studied for three years Rimon School of Jazz (jazz vocal and guitar), play in music bands, DJ on private parties.
See you in various places: events, parties, concerts and even somewhere abroad from time to time :)

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